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  • bebeTV

    There is tough competition in the market for pre-school children’s channels. bebeTV contacted US in late 2008 after some platforms had already committed to competing products. US Media got them agents in the Far East and rest of Europe, and managed to get them launched on several platforms with more to come. Next step: mobile and VoD revenues for their services in Europe.

  • 9live

    US successfully internationalized the Call TV product 9Live. We closed about 60 contracts with top TV channels and telecommunications companies covering 50 countries from 2006-2009, making 9Live International one of the top three in their business.

  • Travel Channel Deutschland

    TravelChannel decided to enter the German-speaking market in 2008. US Media helped them launch both VoD and linear channel services on several platforms in 2009 and 2010.

  • Samanyolu TV Avrupa

    US Media branched out into foreign-language channel distribution in late 2009 with the addition of this top 5 Turkish-language channel “Samanyolu TV Avrupa” and its sister channels “Yumurcak” for children and “Samanyolu Haber” which is a 24-hour news channel.

  • Kabel Deutschland

    The former CEO asked US to consult Kabel Deutschland on content issues in 2003 prior to their digital channel package launch in 2004.

  • NASN - North American Sports Network

    US brought them their first distribution deals on the European Continent and represented them from March 2004 — July 2006 extending the NASN brand reach deep into Europe

  • Seasons

    This niche channel for outdoorsmen was not operating profitably in Germany. After recommending several alternatives, the shareholders asked US to stop the channel’s operations in Germany in 2001.

  • Gute Laune TV

    Founding GLTV shareholders asked US to help organize their music channel’s launch and distribution in Germany in 2005.

  • Canal plus

    US managed their team of 150 employees for a 6-month period in 2002-2003. Canal+ had offices in Stockholm, Oslo, Copenhagen and Helsinki and annual revenues of about € 150 million.

  • Planet

    US fully managed this documentary channel in Poland and Germany for 4 years and found an investor to buy it in 2005 when the original shareholders wanted to sell. US stayed on for a few months with the new owners to insure a smooth transition.

  • Club, Chellomedia, Extreme Sports & Arrivo On Demand

    US Media advises them on new product launches, distribution and platform issues in the German-speaking territories.

  • CineCinemas & The Studio

    2 channels managed by US in 7 European countries in the Nordic and BeNeLux regions in 2002-2003.

  • Jimmy & Cineclassics

    2 channel corporations that US liquidated. It taught US a good lesson about how long it takes and how much money it costs to discontinue a German corporation and remove it from the trade register …

  • multiThématiques

    A German holding company for 6 other channel corporations, US managed it for 4 years and liquidated or sold its major assets when the shareholders decided to exit the German market.

  • Sat1 Comedy, Kabel1 Classics & Maxdome

    US helped them launch this VoD portal and the 2 channels in Germany in 2006. It was mostly project organization and marketing work.

  • Wild TV

    This Canadian company asked US for help in getting them a European broadcasting license in 2009.

  • sport digital

    SportDigital contacted US to help get them some carriage deals where they were not already carried.

  • Seven Senses & Pro7Sat1 AG

    The CEO retained US to consult to these companies in 2005 and 2006 on Pay TV issues.